Living a pretty rural life in the mountains it is hard to believe I spent so many years in NYC.  After graduating I picked up an old Leica CL camera (a model known as the "Volkskamera"-maybe kind of like the Volkswagen!) at B & H and it became a real pal.  The light meter on the camera didn't really work and it had some other quirks, so I went through so many rolls of film.  But that was part of the fun I think... every now and then, after developing the photos, I discovered a good or moderately good shot.  Here are a few photos taken in the early 2000s.

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Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe


When I was first starting out printing linocuts I made one of Emerald Bay.  At this time I didn't have a lot of money to buy paper and supplies so the edition I ended up making was very small.  I sold out of those prints and I regret (as was the case with many of my early prints) not even keeping one for myself.  Anyway,  I decided to return to this subject since I really think that it deserves a bigger edition this time! Chip and I printed this redcution linocut on the Vandercook over the weekend.   



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Squaw Valley, USA



Squaw Valley is well known for the ski resort within it but it is also a wonderful place to visit in the summer and fall.  Shirley Canyon is one of my favorite places to hike in the Tahoe area-for the most part the trail runs along Squaw Creek, a clear water creek with lots of riffles and cobble stones, and then there are all the beautiful big trees...

In this linocut we got back to our roots...some of the first really popular QLP prints were linocut landscapes. 

This print had many printing stages and here are some photos which document the process


We used a woodblock which created a nice texture to the fading sky


This is a multi-plate and reduction linocut print


The final touch...handset type.  

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O' Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe, where we reside, has been a source of inspiration over the years.  It's famed blue waters, in particular, really spark the imagination. Here are a few images of the pieces that we have created over the years that have sprung from our muse, Tahoe. 

A linocut made into a card.  Here is a little video of the printing of this card 


The Lake Tahoe Basin map, ready to be printed!

"Sunrise at Bliss," a reduction linocut that I sold out of years ago.  Bliss Point, and Bliss State Park are located on the westshore of Lake Tahoe.  A really sublime place.  You can follow the Rubicon Trail along steep cliffs that drop into deep blue watersand discover sweet little swimming coves.  For more info check out this site: 


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Portlandia, Oregonia

We're big fans of the show Portlandia.  And as much as it is a satire of the people and things in the city we found that it kinda made us want to visit and see the progressives in action, in the flesh.  

We were pretty blown away by the city and how much cool s*** is going on there.  People walking or biking everywhere, the city actually smelled nice, and happy hours that made us flip out.

Portland is a real mecca for letterpress.  Artists are definitely making some cool things happen with their presses.  

One of our favorites is Old School Stationers 


Downtown in the "Pearl" district.


People are serious about their beer in Portland.  And this place is no exception.

Perhaps these flowers are what made the city smell so nice. 

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