The Fancy Perimeter

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Since we've been doing much of our website upgrade ourselves (and thus attending YouTube University) we've picked up some handy tools.  For other novices, like ourselves, we want to pass along some of the tricks we've learned.  Photos are so important in making a beautiful website, and most photos could use a little enhancement.  We like adding border embellishment-particularly rounded edges on borders.  In the case of this photo of the Farmer's Daughter boutique hotel, shown above, we added a color transparent border on top of the rounding. 

To create this effect we used Adobe Photoshop from CS5

Here's how we did it.

Open your image in Photoshop

Make any changes to the original image that you need to (such as changes in brightness or contrast).

Go to "Layer"--> "New"--> "Layer"

You can title the layer "Border" or whatever you like.

Use the rectangular marquee tool and highlight the area just inside the original borders of the photo.

Go to "Select"--> "Modify"--> "Smooth" and pick a radius of 100 (you can repeat this modification step again if the edges aren't rounded enough).

You will see the rectangular marquee box now has smooth edges.

Now to add color to the outside of the rounded border go to "Select"--> "Inverse"

Choose your color from the color picker and use the brush tool to fill in the color.

To add transparency to the color go to your Layers control box (in the lower right side) and turn the "Opacity" down from 100% to whatever transparency you like.

Like many fixes in Photoshop there may be another way to create the same effect but this is the way we found easiest.

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