The Surf Atlas

Last year I had the opportunity to expand my horizons and do something a little new for was cartography but this time involved collaborating with a publisher and creating maps for an atlas.  Specifically a surf atlas.  I made six maps in total that spanned the globe.  They feature all the major surf locations in the world.  I really did learn a lot (not to mention brushed up on my geography!).  The book is called "The Surf Atlas" and it was created by the German publishing house Gestalten.  Here's a peek of the book.  You can purchase it here.

Gestalten Surf Atlas

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Black Friday Sale!

Our annual holiday sale is happening Nov 25-28th.  15% off all of our prints.  Discount taken automatically at checkout!

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New Fall Prints!

We have a new card and a new map for this October.  Check them out!

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New card!

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Vancouver Island and Surroundings

Well, this one has been a long time coming.  This map of Vancouver Island is the biggest map that we have in our catalog-it is printed on 18 x 24 inch paper.  About a year ago we purchased another Vandercook letterpress, one that could print even bigger pieces.  One of our top inquiries is if we can print things larger so we thought it might be cool to have a few larger maps on offer.  It took awhile to figure out the new press (all these old machines have their quirks), come up with a design, and get it on the press, but we're so happy with how this map turned out!  I'm excited to create more like it. 


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