S h i p p i n g  a n d  t u r n a r o u n d  t i m e ?
All orders ship out within 2 business days of time of purchase via USPS priority mail.  If you would like your order to ship quicker than that just drop us a line before you place your order and we can set up a custom listing for you.  All of our prints are shipped flat nestled between three sturdy pieces of cardboard in a kraft mailer.  You will receive tracking info on your order as soon as your package ships.
C a n  I  h a v e   a  c u s t o m  m a p  o r  p r i n t  m a d e ?
Letterpress printing is a very time and labor intensive process that involves setting up and inking the press manually, registering the plates or type, printing each color one pass at a time and then cleaning everything up (which requires some serious elbow grease).  This doesn't include the time and expense it takes to construct each print, which in the case of our maps involves drawing nearly every detail of the map by hand, and creating a custom made relief plate. 
We are a very small company (just husband and wife) and the products we present to you here are truly handmade, and handmade inherently takes some time.  Since we have many designs that we are trying to complete we unfortunately don't have time to get to requests for one custom print.  If you would really like to commission a custom design we have a minimum custom set up fee of $500, and we'd be happy to speak to you further about the details. 
D o  y o u  o f f e r  c u s t o m  s i z e s  a n d  c o l o r s ?
The size and orientation of our prints is fixed however for a small fee we can print in custom colors.  We've had many customers ask if we can match ink colors for maps (so that they may buy multiple maps that will all match) and so we try to accomodate these requests.  Just email us your request and we will let you know the fee and the timeline for completion.
D o  y o u  s e l l  g i f t  c e r t i f i c a t e s ?
We do!  You can find and purchase a gift card under 'Catalog'-click on gift cards and follow the steps.
D o  y o u  o f f e r  d i g i t a l   d o w n l o a d s  f o r  r e p r o d u c t i o n ?
We do not. 
D o  y o u  c h a r g e  s a l e s  t a x ?
No.  We are based in the great state of Oregon where there is no state sales tax.  Eureka!
C a n  I  f i n d  o u t  i f  a  m a p  i s  o n  y o u r  " t o - d o"  l i s t ?
Yes!  Check out our main page.  We have our upcoming projects listed on a banner there. 
D o  y o u  s h i p  i n t e r n a t i o n a l l y ?
We do offer international shipping via the US postal service.  This shipping method is the most cost effective however (aside from Canada and Great Britain) it does not provide tracking info.