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Our Story

W h o  W e  A r e

Quail Lane Press is a letterpress studio specializing in landscape art. We create original maps and multicolor landscape prints and cards. Behind Quail Lane is husband and wife Michelle and Chip Snyder.  Michelle (that's me up there) conceives all of the artwork and Chip is the pressman.

O u r  I n s p i r a t i o n

After studying the natural sciences at Columbia and then Yale University (and filling my course load with as many possible art classes as electives ) I moved to Lake Tahoe where I met Chip, an avid climber and general all around mountain man.  Together, with our passion for creating art, we formed Quail Lane Press.  It began with a little baby press in our cabin, and we eventually acquired two vintage (and very heavy) letterpresses.  Having a press allowed me to take my illustrations to another level through reproduction, which was so ideal for growing an art business. 

O u r  P r o d u c t s

We create and print all our our products in our studio in Milwaukie (just on the outskirts of Portland) Oregon.  We love our little spot, close to the city but in a grove of enormous fir trees.

We believe that the little things do add up to change the bigger whole so over the years we have prioritized making artwork in a sustainable fashion and getting it to the customer with the least amount of impact on the environment.  As far as production goes we use low VOC ink and press cleaners/solvents.  And in terms of shipping we have whidled down the amount of plastic we use and use locally sourced shipping materials.