Our Story

W h o  W e  A r e

Quail Lane Press is a letterpress studio specializing in hand drawn vintage style maps.  Behind Quail Lane is husband and wife Michelle Murdock Snyder and Chip Snyder.  Michelle (that's me up there) conceives all of the artwork and Chip is the pressman.  We are both printmaking aficionados and paperholics.

O u r  I n s p i r a t i o n

After studying the natural sciences at Columbia and then Yale University (and filling my course load with as many possible art classes as electives ) I moved to Lake Tahoe where I met Chip, an avid climber and general all around mountain man.  Together, with our equal passion about art, we came to create Quail Lane Press.  It began with a little baby press in our cabin.  I started out my art career as a perpetual doodler who aspired to be an illustrator.   Having a press allowed me to take my illustrations to another level through reproduction, which was ideal to grow my artwork into a business. 

O u r  P r o d u c t s

We eventually upgraded from our little etching press to a big letterpress-our beloved Vandercook Universal proof press.  We print all our our products in house, on this machine in our shop in Milwaukie (just on the outskirts of Portland) Oregon.  We love our little spot, close to the city but in a grove of enormous fir trees.  I call our neighborhood the city forest.  We use sustainable, non-toxic materials to create and package our prints, and we make sure all of our products meet the highest standards.

F a c t l e t s

We love collecting art and having a growing collection of woodcut and linocut prints.  The Vandercook is super heavy, weighing in right around 2000 lbs.  A forklift is required to move it.  My grandmother was an abstract painter.  Chip is a distant relative of Eli Whitney.  Portland Oregon was almost named Boston Oregon when it was founded.  We have two little quails at Quail Lane Press.