Interested in carrying our cards and/or prints in your shop?
You can contact us at info@quaillanepress.com to place an order.
Here's some info about our wholesale policy:
We ask for a minimum purchase order of $100 initially and a minimum reorder of $75. Order payment is required prior to shipping.  We accept checks, or we can drop you an invoice directly through our site or by way of Paypal.
We try to have orders shipped off within 2 to 3 days or payment.  If it is an especially large order it make take an extra day or so.  We ship via USPS priority mail.  If you would like us to use your UPS or FEDEX account just let us know and we'd be happy to do so.  We also offer rush services for an additional fee. 
All of our prints are enclosed in a cello sleeve alongside a firm chipboard backing.  Each includes a letterpress printed insert which details how the product is made. 
Custom Maps for your Store
We have a pretty lengthy to-do list of maps that we would eventually like to complete however, we give priority to our wholesale customers.  If you are interested in having a map made of the region or city that your brick and mortar shop is in, please let us know.  We typically ask for a minimum pre-order of 10 maps.