Map of the Catskill Mountains, New York

A new map for all you New Yorkers and lovers of all things New York...

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In general I make maps of places that are dear to me and places that I aspire to visit.  I had not visited Sedona before making the map but while researching it I just felt such a pull.  I had the chance to finally go recently and was really blown away by its beauty. 

Boynton Canyon, Sedona

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Mountain Skyline Card

Check out our newest card! Find it here

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Charting the Oregon Coast

We have one map of the northern most part of the Oregon coast but have, for a long time, wanted to create two more maps (central and southern) of the rest of the coastline, in order to encompass the whole thing.  We are somewhat limited in the size of the maps we make due to the bed size of our letterpress.  I find that if I make a map of a really large area I end up having to leave out many of the details of the place (like small streams and coves), and I love these little details of a landscape. 

So it was time to take the first of many roadtrips to see the land.  My maps always turn out better when I visit a place, and since it was clear 60 degree day in February I couldn't think of a better time to go.  Here's Cape Lookout.

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Mount Saint Helens

A new one for our Pacific Northwest Collection!


Mt Saint Helens

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