Save the Date


Thinking about marriage.  Today is a great day to celebrate marriage in the United States.  Just 10 months ago I wed my beau-on an intensely beautiful day in the mountains. 

We printed our own invitations.  Our Save the Date card was particularly fun to print.  I played around with wood and lead type to create it.

We got married on an property built in the 1840s, so I tried to evoke a bit of old timeyness.



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Boy, Oh Boy...


We recently welcomed a new addition to our family here on Quail Lane-baby boy Charlie.  We are super excited to be parents and naturally relished the opportunity to print up a batch of baby announcements!  Here they are, at a glance...


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Truckee, Just go


Truckee is a great little mountain town-charming and close to Lake Tahoe and so many wonderful trails and skiing spots.  When I first moved to the Tahoe area (living on Donner Lake) someone told me, "The winters bring people to Tahoe but the summers keep them here," and I believe it. Summer is just dreamy.

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I visited Fort Worth not too long ago (first time in the lone star state) and it charmed me.  I'm a sucker for old buildings and downtown Fort Worth and the Stockyards had many a gem!  


Turns out there are quite a few talented letterpress printers there too.  Here is just one!


These guys make some truly boss wedding invitations.  And killer calligraphy to boot!  Check their site for even more letterpress goodness.

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This is a Test...


 All of our maps are printed on heavy duty cotton paper.  Our favorite paper to work with is Crane's Lettra (  The Crane's company is a very old paper company and actually is responsible for making the paper for US bill notes.  We love this paper but its luxury comes at a price.   In order to not waste any of it we reuse imperfect prints to test out registration and color before printing a big edition.  What we now have are some beautiful one of a kind prints that are collages of the work we've done.  Here's one we'd like to share.  

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