What is a Reduction Linocut?

First of all a linocut is a printmaking technique, very similar to a woodcut, in which a sheet of linoleum or a linoleum block is used. A design is carved into the linoleum surface with a sharp knife.  In a reduction print the artist prints all colors from the same block. For each color pass through the printing press the artist removes more material from the block. A reduction print can therefore never be reprinted. Each color is printed on top of the previous. The artist must print the entire edition as the work is done, because the printable area of the single block is reduced with each pass. 




Here is an example of a reduction print of a star I did a couple of years ago.   The paper passed through the press five times to reach its final completed state.

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Winter in Los Angeles

I grew up in LA and still go back to visit pretty frequently.  I don't think I could live there but I get why so many people live there...It is pretty damn nice in the winter time.  The weather was a breezy 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky the whole week I was there.  

Feeling deficient in museums since I live in the mountains, I filled up museum culture (both science and art) by visiting the Los Angeles Natural History Museum and the LA County Museum of Art.  I recommend both, though watch out at the NHM-during the week you are going to have to throw some serious elbows with school children on field trips if you want to get a good look at the mammal dioramas.  The weekend is probably more mellow.



Dioramas at the Museum of Natural History

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Workshop at the the SF Center for the Book

Chip was delighted to spend the weekend in San Francisco learning how to tame the beloved Vandercook printing press.  The maintenance course was taught by senior Vandy guru Paul Moxon at the Center for the Book http://sfcb.org/.



Sunrise in the foothills on the drive from Auburn to San Francisco 

One of seven Vandercook printing presses at SFCB

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Blue Monday.

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The Shop at a Glance

The Press.


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