Embracing the Grey

Posted by Michelle Murdock on

So I'm not gonna lie, my first winter in the Pacific Northwest was a little rough.  I had a kinda hard time dealing with the joy sucking (as I liked to call them) clouds.  But, I must say I feel like something has shifted a little in me now.  I think I might be starting to like the grey.  Don't want to speak to soon...the cloudy, rainy weather has only just begun. But, I feel like the weather is really conducive to making art and I must say that if you don't mind getting a little wet, the lush, fern laden forests are spectacular this time of year.  I went to Larch Mountain this morning.  It's about 45 mins outside of the city and it was just incredible.  Small brooks everywhere with ferns and mushrooms galore all under towering conifers. 

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