The Dharma Doll

Posted by Michelle Murdock on

About 6 years ago my brother in law gave me this "Daruma" (also known as a Dharma doll).  He told me that they can be used as helpful little reminders of the goals one wants to reach.  The idea behind them is to fill in one eye when you begin a project and only fill in the other eye when you have reached your desired goal.  I filled in the first eye and told myself that I would not fill in the other until I had become able to support myself fully as an artist.  Over the years I had actually lost track of the daruma but refound it when we were packing for our move.  I realized that I hadn't filled in the other eye yet and needed to do that.  Even though it's just a trinket it was a good feeling to have this small marker of a goal realized.  It took a lot of hard work, staying focused while juggling part time jobs, and the help of family and friends and especially my loving husband, but Quail Lane Press came to be!  ...And we are so happy to have it. 

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