The Green Press

Posted by Michelle Murdock on

Over the last few years we've been greening our printing operations, which isn't the simplest task in letterpress printing.  The old work horse presses don't always take too kindly to the newer less toxic materials. 
We think it is important to use the non-toxic low VOC inks and solvents as it keep us stay healthier in the printing process and allows our customers to bring a greener product into their home.
Here are some of the products that we've found really work well on our Vandercook!


Soy Plus Ink

We get this product from Gans Ink (  If you have a Pantone Formula Guide you can get almost any color you want!

2. Solvents:

To clean the ink off of our press we use an extra mild citrus based solvent.  This one we get from our neighbors to the north, from a company called Eco-House (  You can also use vegetable oil as well as Simple Green to clean up ink from other surfaces (besides rollers) on and around the press. 








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